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Welcome to Peace Love Paws Veterinary Services! We are a mobile veterinary team based in Powell, Ohio that comes to you and your pet. We examine your pet in the comfort of your home. We have found that your pet is at greater ease in their own environment. Peace Love Paws is based in Powell and currently serves NW Columbus and the Powell, Dublin, Delaware, Marysville, Plain City and surrounding areas. We can’t wait to meet you and your fur kids!

-Dr. Haumschild

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Consider the benefits of an in-house visit

  • Less time out of your busy day
  • Why sit in a waiting room?
  • Less stress for anxious or sensitive pets
  • Safer – avoid exposure to hospital germs
  • No need to drive or park

Appointments are scheduled with our clients in mind

Ensuring that no one feels rushed while our doctor takes a pet’s complete medical history and answers any questions you may have about the recommended treatment plan. Almost all routine care and minor procedures can be done at your home.


What We Do

We promise to forever change the way you and your pet experience the vet. 

  • Wellness care to prevent problems
  • Management of chronic disease
  • At home euthanasia
  • Diagnostic bloodwork, urinalysis, allergy testing, and so many more

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Wellness Care

Keeping your pet healthy is more about prevention than treatment of disease.Throughout all stages of life, our goal is to avoid health problems before they emerge.

General Medicine

Beyond the basics, there are many common problems in veterinary medicine that can be diagnosed and treated at home.

Challenging Patients

Fearful or aggressive animals can sometimes be examined and treated more easily on their home turf.

Travel Preparation

If you are planning domestic or international travel with your pet, Dr. Kris can help you to prepare.

Vaccinations and Health Certificates

Peace Love Paws offers all recommended vaccinations for your cats and dogs in the familiarity and comfort of your home.

Home Euthanasia

Planning a home euthanasia for your ailing pet is often the kindest and most humane thing that you can do.

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Our Office is Your Home!

We are based in Powell, Ohio and service NW Columbus, Powell, Dublin, Delaware, Plain City and Marysville Ohio area!

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